We are the bridge between Physical and Digital. We provide technology to solve today's problems with a keen view of what the future holds.

Our purpose is to enable workers in contract manufacturing by providing them with engaging data so that they can be empowered to do their very best. We are Res.Q and we believe in evolution.

What we offer?


Digitize your entire shop-floor quality process for complete visibility and total control of your production process.


RES.Q | Quality Management Solution (QMS) is a cloud-based quality management solution which provides decisionmakers with a 360° view of production quality on the factory floor.


Manage your entire machine inventory with the use of one central platform, catering to all issues machine related.   


RES.Q |Machine Inventory (MI) is a cloud-based machine management solution, built leveraging the technology of NFC to provide management and maintenance teams with real-time insight to their entire machine management process.

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Empower your work study teams digitally for a faster, smarter and a much more reliable operator skill management process


RES.Q |Skill Matrix (SM) is a cloud-based skill management solution, built to provide management, HR and work study teams with real-time skill competencies of their biggest assets; machine operators.

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Balance your production lines, create symbolic layouts, and assign exact operators and machines needed for production in a matter of minutes with Res.Q Smart Line


Res.Q Smart Line (SL) is an integrated line planning module, helping IE teams digitize the process of production line planning, line balancing and symbolic layout creating in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

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Digitize your 4.0 based fabric inspection at your factory floor. Automated supplier evaluations ensures you work with the best suppliers.


Res.Q| Fabric Inspection (FI) is a module designed and developed to be used in both Fabric mills and factories to digitize the entire fabric inspection quality (including shade and Shrinkage).

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Track your end to end production regardless of how complex it is. Res.Q MES helps you have visibility of your production through your preferred technology.   


RES.Q | Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a production tracking solution which is built to offer users the ability to take advantage of multiple tracking methodologies in their production process.

Meet our partners

Our strategic partners help us serve you better with a whole host of built in
integrations with some of the best of the breed solutions.


A key catalyst for the transformation of the fashion supply chain and a step change in performance lies in the adoption of proven, specialist digital technology. Coats Digital's specialist software solutions and industry best practice expertise improve and accelerate the entire new product development, costing, sourcing, capacity planning and order execution lifecycle.


Under Res.Q’s hood lies the most best technology platforms available for organizations. This means that clients who uses Microsoft products/ services are entitled for a whole host of attractive features with the unique combination of Microsoft and Res.Q.

User Experience!

Holisticly pursue business platforms after client-focused process
improvements. Uniquely myocardinate maintainable results.



Reduction in defects in just 3 months



improvement in response time



Reduction in time spent on report generation



Improvement in the operator skill evaluation process

What's New?

  • An App For Everyone

    Res.Q caters to every level of shop-floor users starting from your sewing operators all the way up to your C- suite management.

  • Operate In 2 Languages

    Users could now select the language that they prefer to make the data capturing process much easier.

  • Building Best Practices

    Res.Q Is not just another solution, it is a way of work. Our team of experts help you unlock your full potential with Res.Q.

  • Simplicity At Its Best

    At Res.Q we understand complex processes need not be more complex.

  • Scalability At Its Finest

    Whether you are a small-scale manufacturer or a large-scale production powerhouse Res.Q caters to your unique style of production.



Kaveesh Wijesinghe

Senior Executive, Quality Assurance, Hirdaramani Group

“RES.Q has given us the ability to fulfill our commitment to quality with our clients”


Lasantha Ranasinghe

General Manager, Operations Administration, Hirdaramani Mercury Apparel

“I can access production-crucial information & reports on-the-go anytime”


Denver Jayasundera

Group General Manager, Jo Lanka

“With RES.Q our defect rate dropped by 25%”

Janaka De Silva

Director, NC fashions

“RES.Q helps us identify & correct quality issues at their infancy”

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