GP Garments optimizes their Shop-Floor with Res.Q

With Res.Q, GP Garments empowers their team to increase productivity.

GP Garments is a manufacturer and distributor of exceptional quality workwear garments for the European market. GP Garments partnered with Res.Q to enhance the efficiency of the team and earn better ROI. 

One of the major challenges faced by GP Garments was the absence of flexible production lines. With a diverse portfolio of workwear that ranges from trousers, shirts to jackets, GP Garments needed flexible production lines that could cater to multiple fabrics,  silhouettes and standards minute values. 

Our solutions helped GP Garments to identify several key issues before they manifested themselves on the production floor. As a result of adopting our solutions, they could collaborate on changes online and reduce meeting times. Moreover, the operation of the maintenance teams was also enhanced in such as way that the predictive services were automated. 

With Res.Q Skill Management (SM), GP Garments focused on ensuring that their transition from pre-production to the shop floor is seamless. This also enabled GP Garments to centralize the skill levels of the associates who operate machines in order to identify the skills gaps on the shop floor. 

The latest tool that was used by GP Garments is Res.Q Smart Line. The main aim of integrating Res.Q Smart Line is to visualize the planning for production line layouts. The traditional method they have used so far was time-consuming as it was done on spreadsheets by trial and error method. 

GP Garments has witnessed overall business control and a rise in the efficiency of the business through diverse Res.Q solutions.  


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