Coats Digital, Res.Q and Serai unveil strategic collaboration to digitize apparel industry

Coats DigitalRes.Q and Serai Limited by HSBC are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration that will help re-shape the future of the apparel industry. Combining its unique strengths, the partnership will provide the apparel industry with access to a range of inter-connected digital solutions over Serai’s digital platform. These solutions will not only provide real-time data and end-to-end transparency across the apparel supply chain, but also boost efficiencies leading to cost savings, as well as reducing the need for face-to-face contact.

“The apparel industry has been devastated by knock-on effects of COVID-19 and requires a reset,” says Vivek Ramachandran, CEO of Serai. “The industry must rebuild relationships and respond to new demand patterns that will emerge as part of the new normal. This will require retailers, brands, manufacturers and suppliers to increase their digital engagement, make new connections, share more information, and systematically address pockets of inefficiency across the supply chain.”   

“The industry now has to rethink its practices and invest in technology to survive in the new normal.” explains Adrian Elliott, President, Apparel and Footwear, Coats. “This collaboration defines a journey for digitisation in a connected world to deliver true speed to market and significant cost benefits.”

By working together Coats Digital, Res.Q, and Serai will help the apparel industry emerge stronger from the current crisis.

Samath Fernando, CEO Res.Q, “What has accelerated is the need for simplicity in the Apparel Industry: now, more than ever, we are seeing a demand for systems that speak to each other to create transparency and eliminate duplication of work between Brand and Vendor.”

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