Powerful data analytics for real-time decisions

Powerful data analytics for real-time decisions: Hirdaramani IT Arm, H One Launches RES.Q | QMS for Apparel

Rakhil Hirdaramani, Director, H One speaks at the RES.Q launch on the challenges of the global apparel manufacturing industry and why smart solutions are so critical moving forward.

Sri Lanka’s leading enterprise solution provider H One launched RES.Q | QMS, a quality management solution tailor made to minimise defects in apparel manufacturing. H One’s solution draws on the rich heritage of expertise provided by its parent company – Hirdaramani Group, a 120-year old apparel powerhouse in Sri Lanka.

RES.Q | QMS is a cloud-based IT solution that provides decision-makers with a 360° view of factory floor production quality. It uses data analytics to improve production quality, eliminates reporting time lags, enables faster and more accurate decision-making, and reduces wastage. It can be used by anyone with minimal training, and easily adapted by apparel manufacturing businesses of any size – small, medium or large. RES.Q | QMS doesn’t require costly servers and can be set up in under a week. The platform is also exceptionally affordable; a single device facilitating quality inspectors on the production floor will cost as little as LKR 175 per day. RES.Q | QMS is also 100% paperless; and functions via a device positioned with a supervisor at the end of each factory line.

H One CEO and Hirdaramani CIO, Samath Fernando presents a tribute to Denver Jayasundara, Group GM of Jo Lanka Group – H One’s first customer outside of the Hirdaramani Group.

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