Norwood Fashions

With handling production in multiple factories comes the challenge of centralizing a standard quality in production as well as track said produced garments.

Norwood Fashions is a manufacturer of high-quality apparel and garments. It was founded in 2014 by a group of ambitious professionals. Staffed by more than a thousand machine operators operating across over 46 production lines, the company produces over 2,000,000 garment pieces daily. 

Norwood Fashions partnered with Res.Q Cloud to reduce the defect rates, standardize quality across all factories and gain an edge over their production. They were able to overcome these challenges with Res.Q Cloud solutions in a short period of time. 

Norwood Fashions wanted to work with real-time data, with the ability to retrieve reports quickly for enhanced operations.

Our solutions enabled Norwood Fashions to obtain real-time information from quality audits to handle quality issues proactively and strategically.  

We also assisted Norwood Fashions in enhancing efficiency and productivity by minimizing waste by eliminating the use of paper and providing all the necessary data on a web-based interface from any inspection point.

Our robust software solutions helped Norwood Fashions to achieve their organizational goals and get better ROI.


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