Res.Q | SM

Skill Management Software

Res.Q | SM is a cloud-based machine management solution, built leveraging the technology of NFC to provide management and maintenance teams with real-time insight to their entire machine management process


What is Res.Q

Skill Matrix Digital skill profiles

RES.Q | Skill Management Software is a cloud-based skill management software solution, built to provide management, HR and work study teams with real-time skill competencies of their biggest assets; machine operators. With the use of the Res.Q |SM mobile application users could now upgrade skills, conduct capacity studies, record cycle times and monitor the line performance against a certain style in real-time.


Application-based skill evaluations

Asses your employee skills with the Res.Q mobile application for a faster, accurate and a simplified evaluation process.

Digitized secondary approvals

Application based evaluation validation to ensure data accuracy captured straight from the shop-floor.

HR integration

  • Integrate your IE team data with your HR teams to ensure that across the organization everyone works with the latest of information available.


Detailed records

  • Access an archive of individual operator wise historical performance records to understand individual progression trends and training needs.


Printable reports

Create custom downloadable reports of your organizational skill resources.

Skill Kiosk

Complete transparency of your operator performance delivered to your employees through kiosks located in your production facility. Operators could now scan their employee ID and access all their performance reports


Skill Dashboards

Understand your organizational skill requirements and hidden trend patterns and future training requirements through a purpose-built set of power BI dash-boards.


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