Jolanka optimizes their Shop-Floor
with Res.Q

By using the Res.Q Suite of solutions, Jo Lanka manages to reduce their end-line defect rate by 25%.

Jolanka was established 1983 as a UK-based manufacturer located in Manchester. The company was later moved to Sri Lanka. The company produces more than 800,000 units monthly across 30 production lines. 

Jolanka partnered with Res.Q Cloud in order to overcome some of the critical challenges they were facing over these years with our proven apparel production software solutions. 

One of the biggest challenges faced by Jolanka was that they wanted to monitor their defect rates to reduce them. The company was already using a traditional process that was time-consuming and was subjected to errors. The major cause behind this issue was that there was a range of style counts and data was presented too late with an inability to correct the issues.

In order to solve this issue, Res.Q Cloud integrated QMS to provide real-time data, identify detects and create collaborations between all stakeholders within the factory and the management team. As a result of our effective solutions, the company was able to reduce end-line defects by 25% and increase its on-time full shipments and customer satisfaction. 

The Run Rate Tracker enables Production Managers to review the timelines of the orders and highlight potential delays beforehand. This helps them to allocate resources efficiently. 


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